want in?

Tell us a little bit about you, and about your stuff — what is it? Where does it come from? Show us some pictures. Tell us how much space you’re looking for from the list at the link below. We try to make sure the stuff in Bazaar is locally made or locally sourced. We also try to make sure you’re not competing with too many similar things. If your stuff is a good fit, we’ll get back to you ASAP; and if we aren’t able to find a suitable space for you, we’ll put you on our waitlist.

The space is organized into units — tables, shelves, clothing racks, wall spaces, and larger booths. You can choose what works for you for anywhere from a minimum of two months to a maximum of one year (you’ll get first dibs after that) — no long-term commitments. You can let your items speak for themselves, or decorate as you see fit.

We pay for the space, for electricity, for internet; we advertise; we design, make, and update the window displays, we help you set up and decorate (or not — up to you); we staff the store, and we ring up all customer transactions :) You pay us a flat monthly fee that covers your space, and you keep 94% of what we collect on your behalf — that 6% covers everything else.

We process all sales — all credit and debit cards, or cash. You’ll get access to an online portal where you can see all your sales from anywhere in the world (in real-time, so you can drop by to restock whenever you like), and your total sales will be deposited into your bank account every month.

We post your items to Instagram and TikTok regularly. Bazaar is located just outside Kensington Market / Chinatown, and our window displays attract visitors already coming to Toronto’s busiest neighbourhoods.

We organize and promote events where you can meet others who practice your craft, teach your adoring public, or learn something new.


What’s in this for us? Asking yourself why we would do this? It’s because we’re makers, artists, and thrifters too (and our own stuff is in Bazaar as well). We don’t think buying new stuff everyday that’s poorly made in some far away place by overworked people being paid far too little on our behalf is how things have to be. We think another way is possible, and that good design and good organization also mean good stuff — and that’s where you come in :)
306 College Street

Tue-Fri 12-7 / Sat-Sun 12-8 / Mon X

+1 (647) 765-7331